Lodovico Corsini, miart 2024, Photo The Knack Studio 2 copie

Daisy Sheff & Urban Zellweger


Lodovico Corsini is pleased to present a duo show with a selection of works by Daisy Sheff and Urban Zellweger.

For the occasion, LA-based artist Daisy Sheff has created a series of new works that reflect her resolutely intuitive and confident approach. In her paintings, Sheff unfolds a daring embrace of narration, the theatrical, and folklore amidst signature swirling backdrops of saccharine pink, smudged green, off-white, and mustard yellow forms. Whether a wresting body, a hand poised above a letter, a plate of food, a flower, a dog, or a host of faces, figuration gently arises from the depths of the works to greet the most attentive of viewers. Alongside the paintings, two sculptures will be presented, a nod in three dimensions to the cartoon-esque canines rendered with loving obsession in many of her previous works.

In his paintings and drawings, Swiss artist Urban Zellweger creates worlds of whimsy populated by dreamlike motifs and characters. Playing both with the possibilities of representation and the potency of symbolism, the oil paintings shown at MIART feature a menagerie of birds, butterflies, berries, and bodies. Placed upon a fog-like whitewash built up from several layers of paint, his visual lexicon brings together the most mundane gestures with surrealist configurations, all the while challenging his compositions with the recurrent use of the curtain or veil as a visual metaphor.

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